Book Reviews 

Dr. Denis Mukwege
“ It is my hope that the humanity portrayed by Radio Okapi Kindu will help to rally the world around the many forces for positive change in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”
Adam Hochschild
“ I have visited the Congo as a journalist, observing in action the largest United Nations mission on earth. But I always wondered: what would it be like to be one of those UN workers, in the country not for weeks, but years? This book answers that question in a way that is nitty-gritty, vivid, funny, up close and personal--and has compassion for what the Congolese have suffered for so many years.”
Michael Meyer
"Here, at last, is a book about the Congo that evokes not anger and pity, but admiration and hope. In the country's remote interior at the heart of the continent, journalist Jennifer Bakody worked alongside local reporters to broadcast the truth. Their station, Radio Okapi Kindu, overcame obstacles -- including soldiers and shortages, funding and food -- to report on events in a post-conflict Congo reeling in the transition: everyone in Kindu, Bakody writes, seemed to be fleeing for the coast, even the Lualaba River's crocodiles. She and her colleagues stay, creating a sort of national archives in the airwaves, found on the radio dial's "frequency of peace." Radio Okapi Kindu is a heartfelt memoir of an Africa that few correspondents or visitors ever get to see."