Radio Okapi Kindu: A Memoir

The Station That Helped Bring Peace to the Congo

Because war is not the Congo's singular story...​

At a time when the words 'fake' and 'news' are being paired together, Radio Okapi Kindu honours journalism and the importance it plays in our daily lives.

I dare you to read this story about a group of smart, fearless journalists working in one of the world's most dangerous countries and not be moved! They are truly inspirational.

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About Me:

I'm a freelance journalist who's spent the last twenty years working for the BBC, CBC, CNN, Radio France Internationale and the UN in Canada, the Congo, Haiti, Hong Kong, London, Paris and the Philippines.

I grew up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the City of Lakes, and studied journalism at the University of King's College in Halifax and later, International Affairs and Chinese at Hong Kong University. I now live in Singapore with my husband and our daughter.

Jennifer Bakody

Jennifer Bakody